21 Gram Aor Humri Khwishain - 21 grams and our wishes

Nov 5, 2018

He wanted to find the weight of the human spirit, he joined some of New York's doctors and began to adapt various methods, eventually they agreed to one way. The doctors used to put people in a glass box, put a small tap of oxygen in the patient's nose, and the box was placed very sensitive scales, the doctor stood up and looked at the box, the last patient He used to hiccup 'his life came out, and the scales dropped slightly, doctors used to note this shortage.

I wish we could take a moment 'make your statue', keep this statue on the threshold of Delhi and then make it tears and then think in the world if the people like Pharaoh do not live, how long will we stay from ' If a person like Mohammad Ali Kulayee leave, how long will we stay here and if Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is left away from the country, how long will we rule over 'I wish we should think this for a few moments. If you do not, how long will it be to our 21 grams of life? 'How long will we take them?

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