19 Urdu Short Quotes & Sayings About Life

Here are 19 of my favorite Urdu short quotes & sayings about Life for you to read, remember and retell.

Quotes square measure terribly powerful. On the surface, they're simply a bunch of words however after you mouse over them they reveal powerful ideas that resonate together with your terrible core. I mean somebody did "quote" these words for a reason.

Personally, one in every of the most important reasons why I like quotes is attributable to however repeatable they'll be. Quotes tend to be oversimplified and simple to recollect and that they echo what's in our hearts. and I believe quotes square measure terribly effective to raise yourself as a result of they assist your mind to specialize in specific topics at a time. in contrast to alternative literary tools quotes, and short quotes, particularly, offer you the flexibility to focus on one plan with no outside distractions.

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