Apple - The Secret Of Healthy Life

Allah Almighty has blessed humans with great blessings. Fruits are prominent in these blessings, which are not only rich in nutrients, but Allah has created the qualities that will make them healthy. This is why food and fruit treatment has become a regular medical science in the West.

Apple is regarded as one of the most healthy and delicious fruit in fruits. It is also mentioned in the oldest medical and religious books. Apples are happy to color and a happy fruit. There are hundreds of varieties of them. Of these, fifteen hundred have been discovered regularly. Only in a small region, namely Kashmir, there are about 100 kinds of apples, which are different in terms of strength, taste and color and aroma.

Half of the apples are solid and contain high levels of proteins and sugars. Apples are the world's leading fruit in terms of nutrition. Children, old, young, sick and healthy all eat it.
Fresh apples contain 84% water. Phosphorus in apples is higher than all fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C (Vitamin C) is high in its spores.

In this regard, the peel of apple should not be wasted, but it should be considered as a useful ingredient. There is no better tonic for facial skin. By eating apples, your face turns pale, skin tone and red. An appetite for an appetite daily makes health a health hazard. It controls the amount of calcium in the body.

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