Atlast The 4-Year Old Torture Ended

I do not have to live any longer with a woman who has a false and illicit relationship, Fatima was addicted to drugs, since before she was in my marriage she did not say anything against it, but now take all the facts with evidence. Will:
Mohsin Abbas Haider.
According to details, the response of Fatima Sohail's wife Khalil's petition was filed by the actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider. Mohsin Abbas Haider has accused his wife of serious wrongdoing and said that the 4-year harassment has finally ended for him.

They no longer have to live with a woman who is a liar, has an illicit relationship, and goes to tell my family's children about what kind of drug they are addicted to. Fatima Sohail came into my life and destroyed my family. I will bring out all the evidence against Fatima. Mohsin Abbas Haider also said that since Fatima was in his marriage, he did not say anything about Fatima in honor of their relationship.

 It may be recalled that Fatima Sohail, wife of renowned actor and singer Mohsen Abbas, has filed a claim in the Family Court. Fatima Sohail filed a claim through the barrister Ahsam Amiruddin. After hearing in the Family Court, Fatima Sohail will get a release from her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider, after which they will be legally separated.

It may be recalled that last week, the court heard the case of violence against Mohsin Abbas Haider's wife in which Mohsin Abbas Haider was convicted. An interim petition bail case was heard in the local court of Lahore. During the hearing, the treason provisions against Mohsin Abbas Haider were dropped. Based on the report of the investigating officer, the lawyers of Mohsin Abbas Haider withdrew their bail plea.

It is pertinent to mention that Mohsen Abbas Haider filed an interim application bail through Advocate Adnan Tariq. Additional Sessions Judge Azim Sheikh heard the case. In which the lawyer Mohsin Abbas said that the allegations leveled against Mohsin Abbas were not proved according to the investigation report. During the hearing, the investigating officer said that Defense C filed the case against actor Mohsen Abbas Haider on the request of his wife Fatima Sohail.

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