Saba Qamar Broke Her Silence Over Failure In Love

Saba Qamar, the lead actress of the Pakistan Drama Industry, said of her failed love, saying that the person I loved was sad to see someone else but I am happy with her happiness.
A video of actress Saba Qamar is going viral on social media in which she is sharing her love and experience of not receiving it with her fans. No one can imagine that actress Saba Qamar, who plays a strong female role in dramas like "Chich" and "Rebel", has suffered the pain of failure in love in real life.

During an interview recently, Saba said that the man whom she loved had been married for many years and had a son. However, it is bad to see someone you love with someone else. Saba Qamar avoided mentioning the name of the person she liked but said that she was also related to the showbiz industry and that she had done modeling. Saba Qamar said that when he failed to love, he talked to one of his well-wishers and said that he was feeling bad. To which he said why does it feel bad to which Saba said he was in love with me I have spent a long time with him and now when he is no longer with me he has left me.

To which his good-hearted lady said, "It is not loving, but if you want someone, pray for her happiness and be happy with her." Saba said that was just the moment when I realized what true love is. Because in true love you are not selfish but rejoice in the happiness of the front. Saba said she still wants this person.

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