International Superstars Raising Voice to Support For Palestinians

The oppressed Palestinians are well aware of the atrocities committed by Israel. The atrocities against innocent Palestinian women, children, and civilians have opened up Israel's fortress around the world. Here is a description of the international superstars who became the voice of oppressed Palestinians.

Cristiano Ronaldo
World-renowned Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been a supporter of the Palestinians and on several occasions, Ronaldo has raised his voice in favor of the Palestinians. He did not want to exchange his shirt with an Israeli player for solidarity with Kashmiris in 2013 when he donated his Golden Boat Award to the Real Madrid Foundation, which later auctioned the proceeds from a Palestinian school. Used to spend on building construction.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez, America's most renowned singer, actress, and executive producer, is among the international superstars who have also been honored with the most popular actress on social media platform Instagram. In July 2018, Gomez shared a post on Instagram about humanity in which she requested prayers for oppressed Palestinians and Gaza. Gomez was widely criticized for this post and even called Hamas supporters, but Selena Gomez did not delete her post.
Zyan Malik
Internationally renowned Muslim singer Zyan is also a big supporter of Palestinians and has raised his voice in favor of oppressed Palestinians many times. He demanded Palestinian independence in 2014.

GG Hadid
Jelena Nora GG Hadid is one of America's most popular fashion models and never misses a voice in support of Palestinians. Although he has been widely criticized internationally for his actions, he has never shied away from his position. In 2018, GG Hadid voiced social media on behalf of the Israeli military's ongoing atrocities against Palestinians.

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