Facebook Decided to make radical changes to Messenger's design

You will remember that in mid-2018, Facebook emphasized on making Messenger easier and simpler. After this, for the second time now Facebook has announced major changes to the design of the messenger.

Tech Crunch, a well-known website for the latest technology and Internet news, said the Discover tab in Facebook Messenger was being removed and replaced by adding cheats and People tabs to make it more simple and understandable. I'm simplifying.
As proof of this, Jeff Huggins, a Facebook official, also shared two screenshots with a glimpse of the changed messenger layout. The simple layout focuses on your conversations and chat.

David Marks, head of Facebook Messenger, said that many features have been tried and removed over the past two years. Some of them were market-related topics and some were not. Then the messenger app was completely wiped out and the simplicity in it was gone. That is why this year will be made more simple and usable. This will be the biggest change made in Messenger.

This will also include the storage and thus the last 24 hours of storage will be available. Facebook is releasing all these features next week, while more changes will be made to Messenger throughout the year.

According to some analysts, Facebook wants to somehow attract people to the Chinese market where Messenger is by far the largest platform.

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