Take Half a Tablespoon of Olive Oil Daily, Keeping Your Heart Up

Phoenix: This is not an advertisement, but rather a summary of a recent study in the United States that showed that people who add half a tablespoon of olive oil to their daily diet have a lower risk of developing heart disease. ۔

Marta Gouache Ferre, PhD student at Harvard TH China School of Public Health, Boston, is the lead author of a study that says the positive effects of olive oil on heart health have been evident in European and Eurasian populations, For the first time, olive oil has proved useful to the US population.

That is, we can say that olive oil is less and more useful to people of every color and race. An important reason for this is that olive oil is rich in protein called "omega-3 fatty acids", which benefits the heart, blood and brain.

This study analyzes data obtained from extensive studies on American eating habits and routines, covering the 1990s.

In the light of the analysis, it was revealed that people who consume half a tablespoon of olive oil or more in their diet daily (in some cases) have a general risk of developing heart disease by as much as 15%. Heart disease, while narrowing the blood vessels to the heart, reduces the rate of heart disease by 21%.

However, recent studies have additionally shown that different vegetable oils besides olive oil are also useful for heart health, so if olive oil is not available, no standard vegetable oil (vegetable oil) is available to the heart. Can benefit evenly.

The details of the research were presented at the "Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Metabolic Health Scientific Sessions" held in Phoenix, Arizona, under the American Heart Association.

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