King of Lipstick: The male model who made the Lipstick brand famous in China

Beijing: China is responsible for testing and popularizing the world's most expensive lipstick
Instead of a female model, Dari is on a male V-lager who is called 'King of Lipstick' or 'Iron Lips' because of his skills.

Lai Chiaki tries lipsticks from the most expensive brands and earns a lot of money in return. Lai Chinese are very popular on Tik Tak Devon. He is also very popular on other social networks. The lipstick that Lai likes and acknowledges becomes instantly popular. That's why lipstick makers pay special attention to them and they are also given a lot of money for testing.

Although the field is for pure women and adopting it as a career in a traditional country like China is a losing proposition. But Lai Chiaki has disproved both estimates and is making a fortune. In addition, they continue to partner with a number of companies with a special focus on lipstick. At first people thought Lai's work was stupid that he would not be able to impress women, but now he has become famous all over China and is called the Lipstick King.
Sometimes Lipstick Kings live up to seven or eight hours a day and try out dozens of lipsticks in one session. They claim to be able to do a total of more than 360 lipstick tests a day. For this reason, they are also called steel lips because applying such a large amount of different lipsticks can cause severe damage to the lips.

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