The Wizard and His Dragon

Aug 22, 2017

In the land of Eryndor, where the mountains were high and the forests were dense, there lived a wizard named Zoltar. He was known throughout the land for his mastery of magic and his ability to tame dragons. Zoltar was a kind and wise man, but he was also very lonely. He had no family or friends and spent most of his days studying ancient tomes and casting spells.


One day, as Zoltar was wandering through the mountains, he heard a loud roar. He followed the sound and came upon a large dragon standing on a rock. The dragon was beautiful, with shimmering scales of blue and green, and eyes that glowed like emeralds. Zoltar approached the dragon slowly, his hand outstretched.

To his surprise, the dragon did not attack him. Instead, it lowered its head and allowed Zoltar to stroke its snout. Zoltar smiled and whispered a spell, and the dragon seemed to understand. From that day forward, the two became inseparable companions.

Zoltar and the dragon, whom he named Arcturus, traveled the land of Eryndor, helping those in need and defending the weak. Together, they fought off bands of raiders and protected the countryside from marauding beasts. Zoltar would often ride on Arcturus' back, soaring high above the mountains and through the clouds.

But as time passed, Zoltar grew old and frail. His magic began to wane, and he knew that his time on Eryndor was coming to an end. One day, he and Arcturus climbed to the top of a high mountain, where they could see the entire land spread out before them.

Zoltar gazed out over the horizon, his hand outstretched toward Arcturus. The dragon understood and placed his massive paw in Zoltar's hand. Together, they stood there, watching the sun set over the land they had protected for so long.

As the last rays of sunlight faded, Zoltar closed his eyes and whispered a final spell. A burst of light surrounded him, and when it faded, he was gone. Arcturus roared mournfully, his eyes filled with tears.

But even in death, Zoltar had not abandoned his faithful companion. Arcturus could feel his presence, guiding him and watching over him. And so, with a heavy heart, the dragon spread his wings and soared into the sky, determined to continue the work he and Zoltar had started.

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